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Q. How do I point my existing domain name at my new website?

A. First you need to inform support of the domain name you wish to associate with your website, you can do this by using either the support request form in your admin area (recommended as this automatically includes your id code) or via the main website support request link. Complete all relevant fields including the Add Domain field, we will then adjust the websites settings to associate  incoming requests for this domain name with your website.

Second, depending upon the company you bought your domain name from, you need to follow one of these routes.

If your domain registration company makes changes to domain DNS settings for you, request that they add/change the following A, MX and SPF records to point to our servers

A records

@        A
www   A
mail     A

MX Records

mail.yourdomain.co.uk  10

SPF Record

@   TXT  v=spf1 a mx ptr ~all

If your domain registration company provides access to DNS for you to change the settings then you will have to make the above changes and remove any existing conflicting settings, unfortunately it beyond the scope of this FAQ to provide detailed instructions upon how to make these changes as most companies use their own bespoke methods and software

Alternatively you can purchase a domain name from ourselves and we automatically adjust the DNS to the correct parameters



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