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There are a number of standard features and pages that apply to all our free layouts these are in addition to the unlimited number of pages you can create, these are

  • Default (home page)
  • Services - used to introduce the services/products section of the website
  • Information - used to introduce the information section of the website
  • Links - display links to other websites (default - on)
  • Contact - includes contact form and mailer script sends emails to your email account (default - on)
  • Privacy Statement - site privacy policy (pre populated)
  • Terms of use - terms and conditions of website usage (pre populated)
  • Testimonials - displays client testimonials (default hidden)
  • Staff - displays images and text about individual staff members (default hidden)
  • Thanks - page displays when someone uses a contact or enquiry form*
  • Error - displays when a visitor requests a page you have deleted or hidden

Approximately 80% of businesses require the above layout

There are a number of minor features within the above layout group these being

  • News scroller (default - on)
    • displays news from a wide variety of news sources you can select which news to display or simply turn the scroller off. The advantage of the news scroller is that it provides constantly changing text on your website, a prerequisite of good search engine placement
  • Home page quick links (default - off)
    • Displays the top 3 pages and links from the services, information and links sections at the bottom of your home page

Some business types require extra features/pages for regulatory or business purposes were their inclusion needs programming or html skills we have provided them as part of the layout e.g.

  • Disclaimer
    • The financial services sector often needs to display a disclaimer or message on every page. FSI layouts and a number of other layouts have this feature built-in
  • Dataprotection
    • The FSI sector is required to supply data protection guidelines so this pre populated page is included with every FSI layout
  • Enquiry Form
    • Some businesses require more details from an enquiry than a standard contact form can provide, in certain cases we have included generic enquiry forms and mailing scripts to these layouts, specifically FSI, Coach & Limo layouts.
    • If required we can provide bespoke enquiry forms to any layout see the prices page for more information.
  • Fleet, Rooms, Properties
    • All page names that provide listings similar to the standard staff page except they are more specific to the individual business or business type
    • Fleet lists vehicles within the Transport layouts and where applicable links with the enquiry form allowing visitors to select a vehicle type that is available the Rooms page does the same for accommodation enquiries

Other modules or services that can be applied to your chosen layout are

  • Bespoke layout design or existing website integration (see pricing for details)
    • .We can design a layout to your requirements or integrate your existing website into our CMS Admin backend (subject to survey)
  • News system (see pricing for details)
    • Add and distribute your own news via RSS with an integrated news system
  • Blog or Forum (see pricing for details)
    • add a visitor forum or blog module to your site
  • Shopping Cart (see pricing for details)
    • Add an integrated shopping cart module, display and take orders from your website be open 24/7 without the hassle


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Business Layouts Suitable for

Mortgage Brokers
Loan Brokers
Coach Companies
Limousine Companies
Haulage Companies
Taxi Companies
Guesthouse & B&B's
Conference Centres
Car Repairs
MoT Centres
Business Consultants
Training Companies
Car Dealers
Skip Hire
Driving Schools
Child Minders
Nursing Homes
Health Clubs
Tanning Shops
Wedding Planners
Tax Advisors
Gas Fitters
Pet Shops
Party planners
Domestic Cleaning
Carpet Cleaners
Carpet Fitters
Amateur Football Clubs
Golf Clubs
Sports Clubs
Hobby Clubs
Holiday Parks
Caravan Parks
Removal Companies
Camp sites
Plant Hire